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Speed reading

    Speed reading was studied by Evelyn Wood (Reading Dynamics) in the 1950s and popularized worldwide beginning in the 1960s. How best to learn speed reading… Read More »Speed reading

    Loci Method

      The loci method is a well-known technique that can help you memorize things. Especially for remembering sequences, this technique is great. It ties in with… Read More »Loci Method


        The term socialization refers to the learning processes of social organisms that are based on interactions with conspecifics and enable the integration of an individual… Read More »Socialization


          Imprinting is an irreversible form of learning. During the sensitive phase, environmental stimuli are permanently incorporated into the behavioral repertoire. Learning by imprinting occurs without… Read More »Imprinting


            Blurting is a useful study technique in the last period before an exam. It is best to set an alarm clock depending on the scope… Read More »Blurting