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Flashcards on the ring

    The classic of proper learning is the use of flashcards, because especially for repetition this learning technique is excellent. In addition, when creating flashcards, you are forced to compress the information and already when writing you internalize the most important content, so that the actual learning begins already when writing the flashcards.

    A variant of the flashcard or better the use in the student everyday life is the threading on a ring. For this purpose, the flashcards are punched in one corner and then threaded onto a larger key ring with a simple opening device. This way, you can carry the flashcards you want to practice in your pocket or handbag and use them during waiting times, for example. I myself used this variant of stapled index cards many years ago for learning and practicing Latin prepositions and adverbia.

    On the Internet I found a picture of a Japanese variant of this learning technique.

    In a weblog I found the recommendation of a student who writes about learning with flashcards under the title “The ultimate tip”: “My recommendation: If it is possible, learn with flashcards. In my studies there were prefabricated flashcards. I also created my own for some topics. And my experience is: It is the best way to learn something. Because the writing space on index cards is very limited, so only the most important things are written there. When you create your own: Don’t write everything on it, just the most important! How to learn best with flashcards: 5 steps!

    1. understand,
    2. repeat (read again),
    3. cover the card and repeat what you have understood and remembered,
    4. check (read again),
    5. repeat again with the card covered (this time hopefully completely).

    When replaying, it is best to speak out loud (greater learning effect and automatically prepares for the oral exam).”