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Three different ways of thinking

    The logical way of thinking is about facts, and people who are dominated by this way of thinking are usually very analytical and look for clear answers to their questions. If ,at the mainly this linear way of thinking is promoted and practiced, one may unlearn one’s own creativity. Instead, one always looks analytically and critically at all problems and so may have difficulty discovering new and imaginative ways to solve them. A sense of control is very important for people who think almost only in this mode, because everything they cannot put into a logical template is very difficult for them to grasp. Here, it can help to leave your comfort zone for once and consciously practice creative thinking.

    In the creative thinking mode, questions are not immediately answered with clear facts, but with ideas, i.e. there is not one clear answer, but many possible solutions. When people mainly use this creative mode of thinking, they are usually very imaginative and bubbling over with ideas, they are flexible and open. At the same time, they sometimes lack the structured, analytical element of the logical way of thinking, because they shimmy from idea and to idea and thus occasionally have problems thinking things through to the end or bringing them to the end with all their consequences.

    The flexible mindset tries to strike a balance between the other two mindsets, and those who approach questions and problems in this way are using the best of both worlds: the logical mindset with its analytical skills and the creative mindset with its openness and imagination. Whose brain usually works in this way often manages to look at situations with the necessary rationality and distance, but at the same time to be open to all possible solutions, because only in this way can truly creative, new ideas emerge.