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Learning support instead of tutoring

    Even at primary school age, many of the children suffer from psychosomatic complaints such as headaches and stomach aches, stress symptoms, as well as concentration and attention disorders. School closures and homeschooling during the Corona Pandemic severely limited the developmental potential of many children, as they have to relearn how to learn.

    Another common problem are partial performance disorders such as ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia and their accompanying symptoms, such as lack of self-esteem, fear of failure or test anxiety and avoidance behaviour combined with refusal to perform. These make a successful school career more difficult. Conflicts with teachers and in the family and social environment are the result and lead to emotional and social problems. Even highly gifted children often find it difficult to realise their performance potential; many suffer from boredom or their differentness, because they lack frustration tolerance and a willingness to make an effort.

    These children do not need conventional tutoring, because it is not just about filling in gaps in their knowledge, but about permanently remedying the causes. The goal of such learning support is the long-term elimination of learning disorders and performance problems, the creation of confidence in one’s own abilities, the development of learning strategies and learning motivation. In addition to missing subject knowledge, the basic skills of learning must be taught, which then ensure noticeable success, more motivation and fun at school.