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Lesson protocols at school

    Lesson logs are important sources of information because they serve to secure important results of the lesson. Thus, they are a great help when repeating the learning material or if one has missed the lesson.
    What types of lesson logs are there? There are two main types of minutes: the progress log and the results log.

    • The progress log: A progress report shows the course and the results of a lesson. It records the individual contributions or processes in their chronological order as precisely as possible. This leads to a series of repetitions and digressions and makes a meaningful structuring of the lesson contents impossible. Progress logs are important in science subjects, for example, when it comes to conducting experiments where the sequence of individual steps must be recorded exactly.
    • The results log: In contrast to the progress report, only the main results are recorded in a results report and not how they were achieved. The individual contributions are assigned to headings. Similar contributions of different speakers are summarized and irrelevant thoughts are omitted.

    Lesson protocols at school are often a mixture of a progress and results protocol. In this case, the focus is on the results that have been worked out. At the same time, however, it should also become clear to the reader how the class arrived at these results and in what order the lesson proceeded.