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The Loci Method

    There are many learning methods which help your child tremendously in learning. Here we introduce the loci method:

    The word “loci” comes from Latin and means place or also square Simnides of Keos is named as the inventor. He lived about 500 BC and was quite a famous poet and orator. His method was widespread especially in ancient times. Legend has it that Simonides supposedly came up with this method when, during a celebration of Skopas, he left the latter’s house for a short time and during his absence Skopas’ house collapsed. Since no one but Simonides survived, it was up to him to identify the corpses, which had been disfigured beyond recognition. In doing so, Simonides visualized the situation before the collapse in order to visualize the respective whereabouts of the persons. In doing so, he noticed that it is a good way of making connections if one imagines everything pictorially. That so obviously yes received information can be reproduced in an orderly manner. Thus the method developed allegedly.

    Therefore places play now evenly also with this form of the memory training a supporting role. In order to be able to recall learning contents and their expirations better, the learner looks for a firm range and there concrete approach places, forms thus such a route. For example, your child likes to learn in his room: Here is then the whole to the room, into the room to the desk, past the bed, to the closet and as a conclusion the window form the route, with the individual points. Only objects should be determined as intermediate points, which are not often moved, thus remain at the same place. Only in this way can a fixed mental route be created. Now these objects of the route are linked descriptively with the learning material or other important contents.

    For example, the next shopping trip with the parents is coming up. Sugar, oranges, bread rolls, milk and eggs are to be bought. This is what the mnemonic route might look like: “The whole hallway is full of sugar, the oranges are spread across the desk, the bed is full of bread crumbs, milk is running out of the cupboard and the window panes are completely smeared with eggs”. The funnier the connections and their mental representation become, the easier they are to remember. That’s the beauty of the Loci method, it’s not strict, but really nice and relaxed, so it’s also perfect for students who always take everything too seriously. Now when it comes to shopping, this story is also immediately back in the head, through the memory points all the essentials easily remembered.

    Of course, you can also choose any other route as a memory route, the main thing is that the points are fixed. Even the own body is used with pleasure, from the eyes to the tip of the nose and down to the toes there are many possible memory points. Of course, the loci method is not only good for shopping. It is suitable for learning any material, is especially helpful in history and generally all subjects that have a lot to do with data. Just give it a try, it’s great fun and really helps. Above all, the fixed memory points can be used for any material. So when one subject is checked off, the route is used for another subject. The Loci method is as simple as that. Very old, very proven, try it out!