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Sustainable learning needs movement

    If you want to learn sustainably, you have to take breaks in between. Stubborn cramming for hours on end tires you and only leads to forgetting what you have just read. The brain needs time to process the information it receives and store it in the long-term memory. Therefore, every 60 to 90 minutes you should plan a short break in which you get up from your seat, stretch and walk a few steps. This stimulates the circulation, supplies the brain cells with fresh oxygen and prevents tension in the back.

    Exercise has a fundamentally positive effect on learning performance. Scientific studies have shown, for example, that sport improves memory. Sport uses different areas of the brain than learning, and the blood supply to the organ is generally better. So if you go for a long walk or cycle after an intensive study session, you not only do something good for your health, you also reset your brain and can concentrate better on the subject matter afterwards.