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Exam preparation

    From the 5th grade on, the frequency of exams at school increases. Here it is important to help the kids with their preparations, as they are often not yet capable of planning in time themselves and learning accordingly in a targeted manner. Unfortunately, this is hardly ever taught in schools. They just say, “Pay attention and learn at home. Basta.

    This is of little help to the kids. Therefore, please help. Most children get a complete schoolwork plan. This means it is known early on when what school assignment or major test is due. Therefore, please go over this plan with your child and make a study plan. It should be started prior to any major work about 14 days before the due date. Divide this in such a way that, if possible, every day about 20 min. is studied only for this upcoming school task. It is best to work over 2 stages. These can look like this:

    For 7 days, the expected material is repeated and practiced. The goal should be, the material sits. Correctly firm. Retrievable at any time. If you are quizzed at the end of these 7 days, everything should sit. If not, there is still enough time. This way there is no pressure, which is infinitely valuable. In the second stage, i.e. the following 7 days, you can now train properly. It is important to work on the learned material quickly. Write it down, recite it, whatever. The goal is to keep the time, which is also available during the test at school.

    It is important for all major exams. Please only study until the day before the exam, test or school assignment. The last step should really only be a quiz in the afternoon before the day of the exam. No more studying, no more worrying your head off. If you have studied as long as you have, you can be sure that everything is there. The brain works like a high-performance computer. In any case, it is not advisable to study just before the test. This will only bring chaos to the mind and cause unnecessary anxiety. Make it clear to your child that he or she is really fit and has nothing more to worry about.

    It is simply not true that only short-term memory is active. What a student has learned sits. There is nothing to shake about that. The test results will prove it. If you stick to this simple plan, you will notice that all exams are no longer stressful! Practiced early, even the most stubborn material will sit really well. Your child is relaxed, has no time pressure, and will get the best results. And this is how you should do it all year round. Even with the easy subjects. This simply creates a perfect rhythm, which the child will also be happy to follow when he or she sees how much success planning brings.

    Never forget, well organized, well planned is half won! Organizational talent is also important for life. And why not start with it during the tests. And you are the best coach. So teach your child early on how to organize their learning, and in doing so, teach them that planning is simply important. Your child will very quickly get on board and be happy to help. The goal, of course, is again that after some time, it begins to plan itself. You show them how to do it, and then they make their own plans. In this way, he or she is also taught to be organized at an early age. This is very valuable for his whole life. You will then continue to be available as a checker and helper for questions. It is always a pleasure to see how quickly kids implement and maintain sensible guidelines such as planning.