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The right tips for learning

    No matter whether it’s for school, a training course or perhaps for an exam. Learning itself is easy or fun for very few people. With a few pieces of advice, however, this can soon be a thing of the past.

    In the first step you should divide your learning material. If you try to get too much into your head at once, it will not work and you will forget a large part of it.

    Learning breaks are also very important. The body needs regular breaks and so does the brain. Basically, it is said that an appropriate rest break should be taken every 45 minutes at the latest.

    So you should start learning in good time and not just a few days before the exam to close gaps and accumulate knowledge. It is important to find your own pace.

    With small supports or even mnemonic bridges you can make learning easier. The brain creates connections that are much easier to recall. The same works if you create your own story around the learning material.

    Order in learning is very important for the brain. In an environment that is very messy and chaotic, the mind cannot focus on the subject matter. There are permanent distractions present.

    Things that just won’t stick in the mind can be written on small index cards. These can be conveniently taken along and looked at again and again in between.

    Reward is also a point that belongs to learning. Every time you reach a goal, you should reward yourself. The brain then finds it easier to be ready for the next lesson.