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The secret of good students

    Scientists have found that a child’s inner attitude is more important than cramming the subject matter, because students who think positively and approach new tasks with confidence learn better than others. They are usually better able to assess their strengths and abilities, which helps them to react flexibly to new challenges, see problems realistically and deal with stress more calmly.

    In addition, the ability to concentrate is also an important factor for successful learning, because attention and concentration represent a decisive capital for the success of school and professional careers, whereby this ability is learned and trained all by itself in the course of a child’s normal development, when it is allowed to play quietly and is not exposed to excessive stimulus overload. One study showed that children who showed attention deficits at an early age were unable to get rid of them during their entire school career, and their performance at school was correspondingly poor. Good pupils, on the other hand, found it easy to focus and organise their thoughts. It is therefore important to take early signs of attention and concentration deficits seriously and to get to the bottom of the cause.