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Studying too hard?

    Have you ever asked yourself why you are actually studying? What do you want to achieve? How will studying help you get closer to this goal?

    If you don’t have clear answers to these questions, then you probably don’t have your goal in mind.

    People need goals to stay motivated and to persevere.

    If you don’t see any benefit in your studies, then you feel they are pointless and probably a waste of time.

    So here’s what you need to do: sit down at a table, take out a piece of paper and something to write on.

    Get clear about what you want to achieve professionally. Lack of goals always has something to do with insecurity and lack of plan.

    So what does your everyday professional life look like? What tasks do you perform? What position would you like to have? Write everything down.

    Then jot down at least three things that your studies can contribute to your ideal career vision.

    But also go a little beyond the profession. And really try to capture the WHY. For example, WHY do you want a higher degree to get more pay. WHY do you need a higher wage?

    Through this exercise you will become aware of your goals.

    Don’t let these goals disappear in the trash, but hang them up somewhere where you often study or work. It is even better if you have a success journal in which you can write down all your goals and successes.

    It should remind you WHY you are going through with your studies, even if it feels too hard at the moment.