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Practising self-connectedness

    There are some studies that show that social contact and connectedness with other people are important factors for one’s own mental health, i.e. not to focus solely on the beneficial effect of direct contact, but rather on the fact that people belong together even in weak and uncertain moments. Try the following exercise to be able to feel this emotional attitude:
    When you are riding an underground, at a festival or sitting with a group of people soon, take a moment and try not to judge the people you see, but just observe them. Look at the people and try to perceive that each of these people has not only strengths and beauty, but also suffering and pain written all over their faces. Let it sink in that everyone is suffering and try to look at the suffering of the others and also your own in compassion. Observe how this changes your own attitude. Perhaps you will think of this when you are being rude, judgmental and hard on yourself in the near future.