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Feynman method

    When you learn by heart, you take a risky bet, because you are betting that the content you have learned will be tested in the same form, so that even small deviations in the question during the exam can lead to you having to pass or write the wrong answer on the paper. With the help of the Feynman method, you can take this into account during the learning process and build up an understanding of the exam material along the way. The Feynman method aims at repeating content and at the same time pointing out gaps in knowledge, which are then closed again until the material can be recalled completely and correctly. The following steps are to be gone through:

    • Explain topic completely
    • Document missing knowledge
    • Close knowledge gaps
    • Explain topic completely
    • etc.

    You repeat these individual steps until you can explain the respective topic from memory without any problems. This technique works especially well when you learn together with others.