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What you don’t learn at school

    Some essential things you were not taught at school, and that is how to learn!

    The first problem often occurs during your school years. Because as soon as the lessons become more complex and you really have to learn for class tests, exams, tests & Co, the question arises: How? Actually, one might assume that teachers start with such essential questions before they give you learning material to take home. In practice, unfortunately, this is not the case. So you’ll have to teach yourself how to learn – or, if you’re lucky, you’ll get some useful tips from your parents or older siblings. And once you’ve found a strategy that works for you, your studies will present you with new challenges.

    In a course of study or vocational training, you suddenly have to learn even more independently than you were used to at school. You may have to find the material yourself instead of receiving it from teachers or professors. Or you may have to prepare presentations or internalize much larger amounts of material – and that’s not the end of the list of examples. After graduation at the latest, or better of course before, you should therefore get to grips with learning methods and try out different ones. This is the only way to find out what works best in your individual case. For example, some people learn best under time pressure, using the Pomodoro technique, for example. Others learn best with videos rather than texts, and still others need to write down the learning material themselves in order to remember it.

    What does this mean for you? Quite simply, the earlier you learn to study properly, the more successful your educational journey will be. This can mean better chances for your career entry and thus a steeper career. And later in your professional life you will have to learn again and again, for example in the context of further education and training. It is therefore a fundamental competence and the earlier you acquire it, the more successful your (professional) life will be.