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How to make learning easy

    A few tips and tricks can make learning much more effective. Everyone has their own way of learning. However, everyone, regardless of learning type, can follow a few tips and tricks to better absorb what they have learnt and make better progress with their learning. First and foremost, everyone should draw up a study plan early enough to record what needs to be learnt and when, as well as writing down study breaks and deadlines.

    Pictures help with learning
    Pictures used for learning are often a great advantage, as pictures make it easier to memorise the material. When you then recall the information, you think of the respective picture and remember what you have learnt better. The learning materials are therefore also very relevant for learning success. This method can be further enhanced if you associate what you need to learn with a body movement.

    Breaks are important for the brain
    So far so good. Breaks are very important for the brain to relax, even before you start learning. Because then you start the learning session in a much more relaxed mood. Depending on your level of concentration and the state of your day, you should take a break after 1 to 2 hours. While sharing the knowledge you have already learnt, either with classmates who need help or with parents or siblings, the knowledge can be consolidated.

    Learning groups can be an advantage
    Learning groups. It is often easier to learn together. It is easier to learn together, because learning groups can also be advantageous and sharing knowledge often brings many insights and you can help and support each other. The first thing to do is to set a precise timetable together. Everyone is responsible for ensuring that the timetable is adhered to. And very important: listen attentively. If you listen attentively at school, you will have to study less at home. Everything you already learn at school, you no longer have to learn at home, which means more free time.