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Better fine motor skills

    If you want to develop fine motor skills in a playful way, there are numerous simple activities and exercises to do:

    • Kneading with clay, because kneading is a very good method overall for promoting fine motor skills. It strengthens the muscles and also stimulates the imagination. Clay is a nice alternative to classic children’s modeling clay, as it requires more strength to work with and can also be preserved as a permanent work of art.
    • Peeling and sticking stickers is more than just a pastime, because peeling and sticking stickers requires concentration and dexterity, and also promotes the use of tweezers and hand-eye coordination
    • Tearing up paper with old brochures, letters or old notes strengthens the hand muscles and promotes finger coordination. Such scraps can also be reused for handicrafts.
    • Stick things on, because sticking small things on is also a very good exercise for dexterity, and the whole thing can be enhanced with small sequins, leaves and flowers or colorful stones.
    • Street chalk or is a great way to give the child a feel for the pressure required when painting, as you have to press harder to make a colorful stroke than with a pencil. This teaches children to measure and control the force of their hands.
    • A threading game is the ideal fine motor skills exercise, as it trains dexterity, hand-eye coordination and the ability to concentrate. Incidentally, you can also do this with pasta that has a hole.