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Braindump method of learning

    The braindump method of learning is intended primarily for written content. In the braindump method, one divides a text into approximately twenty to thirty minute reading segments. After reading a section of a text, you put it aside and take a blank sheet of paper and write down everything you remember from the text. You try to squeeze your memory and write down the contents that can still be found in your memory, not in a linear way, but more like a mind map with keywords, boxes, lines, arrows and links, as it makes sense for this material. Then check your writing against the original text and add to your notes. This should be repeated with the same text after one day, using a new blank sheet of paper.

    By the way, the brain dump method is not only a learning method, but can also provide relief in the mind. The idea is to write down everything that is buzzing around in your head in stressful situations and to get it out. It is important, however, not to do this on the computer or cell phone, where e-mail, social media or messenger notifications can disrupt the brain dump process, but with pen and paper in a quiet room. It’s a good idea to systematically put thoughts down on paper according to the following criteria:

    1. professional to-dos,
    2. personal to-dos,
    3. annoyances,
    4. worries and
    5. ideas.

    In order to focus again, it is often enough to write down the thoughts and then simply ignore the brain dump note. After the brain has been emptied of these problems, it should first be allowed to rest.


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