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Effective learning techniques

    The use of effective learning methods is of vital importance and leads to improved learning success. A small selection of successful learning methods gives students a quick and easy start to learning these methodologies.

    Chunking – One bite at a time – Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to remember strings of information when you organize them into smaller groups? Perhaps you have done this when you need to remember a person’s phone number or a specific historical date. This is a memorization technique called chunking that can be used to support exam revision and recall.

    Mindmaps are an effective exam revision technique that can help fill in memory gaps, especially under stress. It involves visually representing a specific topic area in the form of a tree diagram (major branches and their ramifications). It uses the brain’s ability to form categories. All free associations/thoughts are gathered and categorized here in a tree diagram. This helps the brain store the information faster and easier. Students can also add color and illustrations to take their learning skills to the next level and improve their memory.

    Storytelling – When we read or listen to a story, several areas of our brain light up, our body triggers a cascade of positive emotions, and we feel like we are having the same experience as those in the narrative. If we transform the learning material into a story, the learning content comes alive and is linked to many associations, so that learning content can be retained more quickly and easily.