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Why you should read

    Reading has many advantages. It promotes communication skills, expands vocabulary and can also be a good help with depression.

    • Expands vocabulary: Reading expands your vocabulary. The more often you read a particular book, the better your brain memorises the expressions. Without even realising it, your vocabulary grows as you read.
    • Promotes health: When you read, your body relaxes. This relieves muscle tension and lowers blood pressure. The more often you read, the more likely it is that pain and other physical ailments will be relieved. This is because you switch off and distract yourself.
    • Reduces stress: Not only physical ailments, you can also relieve physical ailments with reading. If you have had a stressful day or are constantly stressed, reading is the best medicine. As you dive into another world through a book, you forget your problems and everyday life.
    • Promotes concentration: To understand what you read, you need to concentrate. This develops your attention skills and gradually helps you to concentrate better.
    • Ensures better sleep: If you read before going to bed, you have a deeper, calmer sleep afterwards and can fall asleep better. This is because reading relaxes the brain.