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What you need to keep in mind when learning

    A daily routine is important. Regular learning helps you to really memorize the material. Listen carefully to what is said in class and also write down what you don’t see on the blackboard or worksheets so that you don’t have to look it up later. Do your homework the same afternoon. The lessons are then still well remembered. Don’t study just before an exam, rather review the day’s material every afternoon.

    Rather study every day for two hours, for example, if you stare at the notes for too long on one day, your head will burst – and not much will stick. To avoid confusion, do not repeat similar subjects one after the other in the afternoon. So instead of doing math first and then physics, look at history or a foreign language in between.

    Make sure you get enough sleep so that your brain can rest and you can start the next day with renewed energy. Before going to bed, it’s best to briefly read through the material for the next day and prepare your school supplies. This will save you stress in the morning and you’ll arrive at school – or university – feeling rested.