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What positive effects do pets have on humans?

    According to some studies, pets keep the brain young even in old age, and keeping a pet can slow down the decline in brain power in older adults. The effect is particularly strong in people who care for a pet over a longer period of time, i.e. for several years, because not only older people are challenged and thus encouraged by their pet. Holding an animal strengthens above all also the sense of responsibility of the owners and owner inside, because the animal attitude gives humans the feeling of being important and lends not least a new sense to their everyday life.

    Animal owners necessarily also move more, thus develop greater stamina, have more self-confidence and are more motivated to do something. Often own illnesses step thereby also into the background, since these are no longer the main topic of conversation, because with domestic animals one has much new to tell oneself in the exchange with friends and neighbors.

    Studies have also shown that in families where pets live, fewer allergies occur, which is related to the fact that in a pet environment the immune system learns to deal with the substances that an animal brings with it.

    Through animals, older people feel more variety, joy and fun in everyday life, and many a hassle or problem is cushioned. In general, depressiveness, stress and irritability, anxiety and pain are lower in pet owners, which is due to the positive mood, increased social contacts and better concentration of these people.

    As is known, petting an animal has a blood pressure lowering effect, which is also due to the relationship that a person has developed with an animal over time. By the way, this effect also occurs with small animals and even with goldfish.

    However, it is still unclear how this factor works with stuffed animals 😉