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Top 10 learning tips for students

    From learning planning to the learning environment to the organisation of breaks: With these top 10 learning tips, learning succeeds!

    Learning tip 1
    Planning your learning
    Keep a calendar in which you regularly write down all your schoolwork and exams. Get an overview of what you need to learn and start studying in good time so that you don’t have to panic! Set a daily study time!

    Learning tip 2
    Try to always study relaxed and refreshed! Eat lunch after school, then spend about 20 minutes in the fresh air, and only then can you start!

    Learning tip 3
    Take regular short breaks from studying!

    Learning tip 4
    Study documents
    Keep your documents complete and tidy! Write legibly, structure your notes with headings, underline important points!

    Learning tip 5
    Learning environment
    Always keep your workplace tidy! Put away things that distract you before you start studying. Make sure you have good lighting and a glass of water!

    Learning tip 6
    Make sure the learning atmosphere is quiet! Music, television and mobile phones have a break.

    Learning tip 7
    Never learn similar subjects (such as languages) one after the other.

    The most important thing is to maintain curiosity!

    Learning tip 8
    Repeat the subject matter over and over again, and plan it at the beginning so that nothing new is added the day before the exam!

    Learning tip 9
    Learn to deal with stress! To do this, regularly complete exercises within a certain period of time.

    Learning tip 10
    Check your learning
    Check again and again whether what you have learned is really correct! Recite it aloud, let yourself be tested, explain it to your parents or friends!