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Tips for the new school year

    The start of school in autumn is the best time to banish all negative thoughts from your mind, because now you have the chance to significantly improve your performance and, with an optimistic attitude and the right goals, also achieve better grades. In order to prevent gaps in knowledge from occurring in the first place, it is important to always prepare for the next lesson and to follow up on the subject matter, which includes taking notes and completing homework. If questions arise in the process, these should be clarified promptly with the teacher or classmates the next day at school. For good organization, it is important to take notes as much as possible and to keep a homework notebook, whereby a quick look at the notes from the previous day helps not to lose the connection in class. A calendar should be used to record all exam dates, tests and schoolwork, while a study plan also structures the learning content for the next exam or schoolwork and serves as a reminder of the next practice session. Learning should be integrated as a fixed part of everyday life, because this is the best way to achieve good grades in the long term and to avoid “unnecessary procrastination”. If you always do your homework at the same time, regularly practice vocabulary and quickly close learning gaps, you won’t have to spend as long practicing for class tests. If there are learning gaps from the previous school year in the main subjects of mathematics, German or English, in which the learning content builds on each other, it is important to close these gaps at the beginning of the new school year, to catch up, refresh and deepen the learning material.