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The top seven study tips for students

    • The most important thing in learning is planning and organization – first systematically do a time budget analysis.
    • No massive learning over several hours, but distribution of learning units (between 30 and 80 minutes) over a day.
    • This determines how the learning material can be distributed over the available time (sufficient breaks between learning units so that the brain can continue learning).
    • Plan systematic repetitions – the first repetition is the most important and should be done about 24 hours after learning, the second repetition after 3-4 days.
    • Only repeat more before going to sleep and do not learn anything new.
    • Reduce material by systematically making excerpts.
    • Organize small study groups in which you can quiz each other and in which you can eliminate ambiguities.

    All this can be found in detail and scientifically justified on these web pages for students: