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Failures reveal the limits of my abilities

    “Failures reveal the limits of my abilities.”
    How many times have I thought that?
    So many times.

    And how many times have I then proven myself wrong?
    So many times.

    That’s why the conviction has slowly grown in me:
    Maybe that’s not true at all.
    Maybe failures are really just invitations to learn and grow.
    They have often not been the limit, maybe not here either.

    And from the moment I really understood this, my work changed completely.

    If a child can’t do something or does something wrong?
    I swear, I don’t give a damn.
    Zero of it.

    I just make a mental note: XY we still need to practice/learn/repeat.
    For that we might need a break/a new strategy/more time/more practice.

    That’s it.

    Sounds simple. It isn’t.
    But makes a HUGE difference for your child.