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The start of school

    The big day of school enrollment does not come suddenly, but is prepared or discussed long in advance. For the future first graders, a lot changes: they have to say goodbye to kindergarten and a familiar routine, a new way to school has to be practiced, new children and teachers await the schoolchild.

    Parents also often have mixed feelings about the change, especially if it is their first child and they are not yet familiar with the routine.

    Before the child is enrolled in school, come crucial examinations and school entrance qualifications. Ideally, the future elementary school offers a taster day so that the current kindergarten children can already discover their school from the inside and are not already overwhelmed by the new premises on the first day.

    Parents can receive important information about school procedures, all-day activities, supervision, textbook lending, etc. during an information day or evening. Ideally, this is also an opportunity to get to know the child’s teachers.