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The lighting

    Lighting your child’s learning environment, regardless of age, is very important. Of course, it works best in daylight. Therefore, you should make sure that windows can serve their purpose. Please make sure that there are neither too dark curtains in front of them, nor that the blinds are constantly lowered. It is not good for your child’s eyes, nor for his concentration, if he is practically sitting in the dark. Your child is simply more awake and the head so much more receptive when proper and good lighting prevails. So, of course, it’s also important to schedule study time during the day. In the evening, firstly, you are usually too tired, and secondly, the lack of daylight also makes for less concentration. So absolutely not recommended. At most for a quick look at the books, but never to learn properly.

    The right lighting starts with the position of the desk. It should never be placed in the darkest corner of the room, but as close as possible to the window. Of course, do not place it so that your child looks directly at the window. Firstly, this is a nice distraction, but logically brings less concentration and secondly, it is otherwise too much dazzled in strong sunlight. So if he sits in front of his tasks with heavily squinted eyes, he will get tired again quickly. Therefore, it is ideal if the desk is placed to the side of the window. Whether to the left or right of it also plays a role, as is now known. For left-handers, the light should come from the right, so as not to supply annoying shadows, and for right-handers it should come from the left.

    Interesting to know: In companies, the correct lighting is even a regulation, since it has been proven that work is simply more effective with correct and, above all, sufficient lighting. Furthermore, this is part of the human condition. What applies in factories should apply all the more to a child’s home environment. An alert mind learns well and quickly. This should be obvious. Assuming that your child’s room is really badly in the dark, for example, there are darkening trees in front of it, it is advisable to install daylight illumination. It is quite enough to have a daylight lamp at the desk. After all, it is necessary to illuminate this area in particular. Daylight lamps are also not that expensive anymore. If you can’t afford to buy a new one, you can certainly find cheap offers in classifieds markets. The main thing is that the lighting is really nice and bright and your child is not sitting in the dark.

    Also for the young people you should, as parents, please make sure that when they learn with the PC, no disturbing reflections on the screen. Here the room then best equipped with bright pendant lights. This way, the light comes from above and does not interfere with the work. Good lighting is simply elementary. An alert mind simply learns better. Also good to know: Good lighting promotes spatial vision, which is very important for good results. As you can see, you can achieve a lot with a few changes in the children’s rooms. The learning environment and its lighting should simply always be as stimulating and pleasant as possible.