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The learning environment

    Your child’s learning environment is very important, firstly so that he feels comfortable and secondly so that he can achieve the best results. Of course, this is especially true for his room.Tidiness is the be-all and end-all here. The room should be as free as possible, i.e. not “stuffed”, but everything should be nicely arranged. This applies to the shelves and the desk as well as to the floor. So make sure that everything is tidy and tidy up properly together with your child. There should be no clothes “flying around” or anything else lying all over the room. Therefore, everything superfluous should be taken out first! It has been proven that chaos in the home environment causes chaos in the mind. So as a parent, please set a good example, and your child will be happy to follow. Keep your area and your child’s room tidy.

    Once order is established, it is appropriate to move on to the actual learning environment. Be sure to place the desk near the window to work with natural light, more on this in one of the following tips. Overall, make your child’s room friendly. A few green plants have a stimulating and overall positive effect on the psyche and also provide more oxygen. Make sure that it is not overloaded with games and the like. Of course, toys should be present, but well sorted and above all neatly arranged.If shelves are clearly arranged and loosely filled, this in turn has an effect on the psyche. There is a little Feng Shui, that can not hurt, but only promote. So please also provide pleasant lighting and beautiful soft colors. The walls should also not be overloaded with posters. Decide together with your child which posters are absolutely important. So please do not arbitrarily remove your child’s treasures, but always work together on the redesign. Explain why this is important. Children are not stupid, they notice when something is good for them and are then happy to be involved in changes. The position of the bed is also important. Ideally, the bed should be a good distance from the desk. The bed is there for rest and should be well separated from the work area if possible. If there is not enough space, you can simply separate the bed from the work area with a nice curtain. You will quickly notice that your child will work much more effectively and relaxed.

    It will simply feel comfortable in its room with this simple tip. When order prevails, when everything is beautifully designed, the room is a source of energy. This, in turn, has an absolutely positive effect on his mood and so, of course, on his performance. Thus, the children’s room is an oasis, a source of rest and good work. Free from disturbing elements, it is generally easier to work. Always remember: How your child lives, how he learns, that he will transfer to his whole life. By the way, this is not a question of money, but a question of organization and perfect cooperation. Every room can be arranged lovingly and neatly. And every child is worth having a nice environment for learning and recreation.