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The five best learning tips for students

    From effective scheduling and realistic goals to the right learning environment, learning effectively can be easier than you think.

    Tip 1: Plan enough time for learning.
    Time is necessary in order to penetrate the learning material, to memorise it well and to be able to retrieve it in the long term. Repetitions and breaks are necessary for the learning process. If you start early and stay on the ball, you will see success. When planning your time, remember to allow a buffer for unforeseen events.

    Tip 2: Set realistic goals.
    Goals are essential for success. Defining goals helps you focus on the necessary intermediate steps. Often small and specific goals are easier to achieve than large, distant goals. What specific content do you want to deal with in your next learning block? By when would you like to have achieved which intermediate goal? Have you reached your goal? Then be proud of yourself instead of worrying about the semester goal that is still far away.

    Tip 3: Do not compare yourself with others.
    The learning process is highly individual. Not every method is equally suitable for all learners. In addition, we all have different biorhythms, but also different life circumstances. So don’t be put off if a learning method that works well for your fellow student causes you difficulties, or if your best friend has already worked through three chapters at 7 a.m. but you only really become productive in the evening.

    Tip 4: Observe yourself and find your optimal place to study.
    Take your time and regularly reflect on your progress. What keeps you from achieving your goals? What are you distracted by? Who or what can support you in achieving your goals and where are you most productive? Step by step, you will work out a learning plan that suits you. If learning at home is difficult. at university, there are various learning places you can use.

    Tip 5: Be kind to yourself on your learning journey.
    Mistakes are helpers and life often gets in the way. If you experience setbacks, accept them, recover and start again with new energy. Also, certain learning methods take several attempts before you can use their full potential for yourself.