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Ten old Study tips

    1. Always divide the learning material into small portions. This way you will have more successes when you have completed a portion of the material.
    2. Take regular breaks from learning: You can only concentrate for a maximum of 45 minutes, and anything you learn after that will no longer be “stored”.
    3. Try to think of mnemonic devices as often as possible. For example, to remember the year. This will make it easier for you to recall what you have learned.
    4. Use different colours for your notes!
    5. Reward yourself when you have done something. This makes learning much more fun!
    6. For example, write down vocabulary or formulas a few times.
    7. Keep your workspace as tidy as possible. Anything that could distract you from learning has no place on your desk.
    8. Say out loud what you need to learn.
    9. If you are learning new vocabulary, it is best to memorise a whole sentence containing the word.
    10. If you can’t remember something, write it down on a piece of paper and hang it up at home. This way, you will unconsciously read it over and over again and remember it easily.