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Studying at home

    The following are some approaches that can be used to lower the stress level when studying at home and to organize the working time in such a way that it not only robs you of energy, but also gives you strength. To do this, select one or two exercises that you find particularly effective, insightful and relaxing, or that could trigger some kind of aha moment:

    • take a five-minute break every 60 minutes
    • always take breaks when you are exhausted
    • take short walks in the morning and in the afternoon
    • take a lunch break with a stopwatch
    • switch off with meditation
    • wear work clothes in the home office
    • down-regulate anger and resentment
    • recognize your own sickliness – and build up more self-protection
    • orientate the working day to your own biorhythm
    • communicate clearly – become active yourself and ask precise questions
    • build short SOS-relaxation into the day
    • practice deep relaxation with staircase meditation
    • Pursue plans that bring joy

    Then it’s a matter of reflecting on which of the exercises and tips you find appropriate and helpful and which you don’t.