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Study tips against test anxiety for adults

    There are a number of study tips that can help adults overcome their test anxiety. Here are some possible strategies:

    • Time management: One of the most common causes of exam anxiety is feeling overwhelmed or lacking time. Good time management can help minimise these feelings. Create a detailed schedule that gives you enough time to prepare for the exam and stick to it.
    • Relaxation exercises: Relaxation techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation or meditation can help reduce the physical symptoms of exam anxiety such as rapid heartbeat or shallow breathing.
    • Positive self-talk: Often negative thoughts and self-doubt exacerbate exam anxiety. Positive self-talk, telling yourself that you are well prepared and that you will succeed, can help replace these negative thoughts.
    • Effective study strategies: Effective preparation can help increase self-esteem and confidence. Experiment with different study strategies and find what works best for you, such as flashcards, writing summaries or taking practice tests.
    • Seek help: If you still suffer from test anxiety despite your best efforts, don’t be afraid to seek help. A coach or therapist can help you develop specific strategies to manage your test anxiety and get your fears under control.