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Some useful tricks to make studying easier

    Figure out how you study best: Everyone studys differently. Many read a text silently and understand it. Others Need to read a text loud to understand/learn / ….  it. But some people also study when they summarize it or write something down.

    Find a suitable place to study: When I study, for example, I need enough space, all my folders, notebooks, … must have space. You have to feel comforable on your ‘studying place’. For example, I don’t like it if my workplace is totally eliminated. This could not only be annoying, it could also be distracting. You should probably choose a place / room that is quiet. When I study, I cannot learn with the slightest speeches. On the other hand it helps some people to listen to music while studying.

    Fresh air and daylight: Make sure you always have fresh air. This helps at studying. You need fresh air. On your place where you study you should also have a good light. The best light is the daylight. If it’s too dark, you could get a headache because it is a strain for your eyes.

    Be organized: It is very important to divide the time before studying. For example: You have a mathematics test.. which days are good for studying? What will you study on these different days?

    Clear your mind: Try to fade out everything that has nothing to do with what you have to study. Finish things that can’t give rest. This helps you to concentrate exactly on your subject.

    Have breaks: Studying a whole time in a row is not good. It’s better when you make small breaks more often. Before you start think what’s the best period to learn consistently. Also think about how long your break should be. I do it like this: I study 30 minutes and then I’ll take 5-10 minutes break. Of course it all depends on what you study.