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    Sketchnotes are overall a creative way to organise and present information visually, i.e. they can facilitate learning by breaking down information into easily digestible, easy to understand chunks.

    • Visualise: Imagine how you can turn the information into a sketch. Use symbols, pictures, colours and text to organise and represent your ideas and concepts.
    • Connect: Connect your ideas together by making links and relationships between them. Use arrows, lines and symbols to make the connections clear.
    • Simplify: Simplify the information to the essentials and leave out the unimportant. This will help make your sketchnotes clear and easy to understand.
    • Combine: Combine words and pictures to make the information more memorable. Visualise concepts and connections to make them easier to remember.
    • Structure: Structure your sketchnotes by highlighting important information and creating a hierarchy of information. Use different font sizes, colours and symbols to clarify the hierarchy.