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Remain flexible in old age

    Some people become increasingly entrenched in stereotypical actions over the years and are less interested in their environment. However, curiosity is a secret weapon for self-motivation and gives people real highs. People should therefore try to remain physically and mentally flexible and, above all, open to new things.

    If people remain curious and open to innovation, not only does their mental agility improve when they wonder about the unknown, because people who quench their thirst for knowledge also find it easier to find meaning in their lives, because they thereby set goals that are worth getting up in the morning and being active for.

    Scientists have found out that the brain and thus also motivation can be stimulated best if you direct your curiosity towards a hobby that is both challenging and also a little out of your comfort zone. It doesn’t have to be an extremely unusual hobby, because the fun should always prevail, not the inner pressure. Once you start to be interested in something, you automatically become more and more inquisitive, like watching a good detective film. Here are some ideas for new hobbies and explorations:

    • Study in old age.
    • Learning to play chess or a card game.
    • Learning a new musical instrument or refreshing old skills.
    • Drawing and painting or becoming artistically active at all.
    • Learning a new sport like dancing or cross-country skiing.