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Reading gives pleasure

    The fact that reading educates is no secret anyway, but especially in the present time only too true. As an example: That’s why parents need to read a lot and encourage their children to read at an early age. High book prices are really no excuse. Good books don’t have to be expensive. There are often very good and inexpensive books on sale. Or even at flea markets you can often find a lot of educational and high-quality literature.

    Also a possibility: In the circle of friends or the further family there is surely still one or other child, with which one can exchange the reading material also simply times. As small advice, which is often forgotten: There are also still the good old libraries. For a small fee, you can borrow an endless amount of reading material with your child. Reading primarily builds language and spelling. Reading stimulates the imagination and thus leads to the best results, especially of course in the linguistic area.

    But reading is not only good for that. There are also many learning books with which your child can be encouraged at an early age. From preschool age onwards, it is thus possible to train many important areas in a targeted manner. It learns practically the complete general knowledge pallet. And this purely through books. As is well known, there are books about numbers, books about colors, books about the animal and plant world, books about professions and famous personalities and many more. For the older children there is a lot of good literature, which is often mainly about how to deal with difficult situations, or which also teaches very well how to deal with other people. In this way, the child also learns the skill of communication and problem solving at an early age.

    This is very valuable and should not be underestimated. And you as a parent will benefit as well. Books provide excellent foundations for family discussions. The fact is: education is never free, you can always use it especially in adult and professional life. If you are having trouble getting your child to read, why not schedule reading nights? For example, everyone reads a paragraph from an exciting book. This gives the child practice in pronunciation and intonation. Through playful interaction with reading, children are much more likely to want to read for themselves and thus automatically achieve the best results in the linguistic area. This applies to the little ones as well as to the grown-ups. Encouraging a love of reading at an early age is simply a great way to awaken an interest in books and keep it alive for a long time. In this way, even the “right” school books don’t become a nightmare.

    With reading, as with everything, the rule is that the child learns from you. If you have read to your children already in the toddler age, it will have learned great joy in books automatically. And with older children, this is by no means the end of the story. As I said, fun evenings spent reading have their appeal at any age. Reading is fun, and if it is learned early on, it will last a lifetime, far beyond the school years.