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Prompts for better learning and work

    Prompts are a type of cue, question or instruction that can be used to stimulate thinking, generate ideas or encourage a particular action or task. Prompts can be used in a variety of situations, such as writing, learning, problem solving or planning tasks. Prompts can also be used as clues or inspiration to promote creative thinking, for example writing prompts can be used to generate ideas for stories or poems, learning prompts can be used to deepen understanding of a concept or to make connections between different facts. Here are some prompts that can help to structure tasks better and make them easier to complete.

    • Define clear goals and steps: Before you start a task, you should set clear goals and plan the steps needed to achieve them. A good prompt here would be to ask yourself: What is the goal of this task? What steps do I need to take to achieve it?
    • Prioritise your tasks: If you have several tasks to do, it is important to prioritise them to ensure that you do the most important tasks first. A good prompt here would be: Which task is most important? Which task can wait?
    • Divide the task into smaller subtasks: A big task can often be overwhelming, but by breaking it down into smaller subtasks, it becomes easier to complete. A good prompt here would be: How can I break this task into smaller, manageable subtasks?
    • Create a schedule: It is helpful to create a timetable to ensure that you have enough time to complete the task and to avoid getting distracted. A good prompt here would be: How much time do I need to complete this task? When is the best time to do it?
    • Find a suitable working environment: A suitable working environment can help minimise distractions and increase productivity. A good prompt here would be: Where is the best place for me to work to complete this task? What kind of environment helps my concentration?
    • Reward yourself: It is important to reward yourself for completed tasks to stay motivated to tackle the next task. A good prompt here would be: What can I give myself as a reward for successfully completing this task?