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Nutrition at school

    Nutrition at home is important, as we explained at length in the previous tip. But what is just as important is the right nutrition at school. Good old school bread is simply irreplaceable as an energy supply. Please don’t make the mistake of giving your child any sweets, ready-made products or even money to buy something to eat during the break. It’s obvious that they will mainly buy cola and something ready-made, so please stick to school sandwiches. These can be prepared super fast and above all also varied. They are ideal mineral and vitamin suppliers.

    Talk to your child. Don’t give him too much and of course take your child’s taste into consideration. Otherwise, the bread will simply go in the trash and your child will sit hungry at school. Of course, they won’t tell you about it, because they don’t want to offend you. So it’s better to prevent this:

    • Change the bread types and, of course, the toppings more often.
    • Put cheese on the sandwiches more often instead of sausage, and add fresh cucumbers or tomatoes, for example.
    • In addition, give your child some fruit, ideally pre-cut. That way, it’s easier to eat and they like it better.

    Of course, the packaging is also important. Loosely wrapped in foil is obviously not ideal. It’s better to use freshness boxes. Otherwise you won’t have the butter on the bread, but on the notebooks and school books. To make sure that your child really enjoys his or her lunch: If possible, help your child together in the morning. Let your child choose what he or she wants to eat today. Share the sandwiches with your child. That way, your child will already be looking forward to the next break at school. Guaranteed. Especially during growth spurts, children and teenagers want and should eat more. But also there it does not need any additional finished products, which are praised gladly as break meal, but simply a larger portion, something more fruit in addition or a yogurt drink, which satiates additionally.

    Don’t let yourself be blinded by strange nutrition tips from advertising. It will always be the same: homemade is well done. Your child will thank you, especially if it is handled this way from the start of school. It will also not have to struggle with weight problems. For that alone, they will be grateful to you later. Surely there are always classmates who arrive with the famous snacks of the advertisement. But again, talk to your child. Explain to him that these children or their parents are simply not doing themselves any favors because they are not being provided for in the best possible way. Maybe your child can even convince other children to eat better. This happens more often than you think! Don’t forget: homemade snacks are also much more loving than just bought stuff. This also fosters your relationship with your child. Priceless! Bottom line: if you model and provide good nutrition from early childhood, and if your child eats optimally at school, too, he or she will perform brilliantly. It will grow up healthy and powerful and will not have to struggle with weight problems, as unfortunately more and more children and teenagers do.