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Mistakes you can make when preparing for the exam

    You read every book in the bibliography, but information is repeated in texts – in different words or in a different context. This confuses.

    One reads each book from cover to cover, but not every chapter is equally relevant. There is no selection. One clings to all the details and thus does not learn to distinguish the important from the unimportant. Therefore, one will also have problems in the exam to set the right priorities.

    One makes detailed notes, writes them neatly in complete sentences and does not think carefully about what exactly one is writing down, i.e. one has more information than one can process and takes a long time to read the notes and thus impairs concentration and the storage of learning material, has a learning hangover the next day which drags down motivation and more easily gets the feeling of not being able to do it and gets even more involved.

    You work late into the night and hardly take any breaks and miss important information.

    You think study groups are a waste of time and don’t even think about anything else.

    You cancel meetings with friends, cancel fitness training because you want to work even longer and can no longer relax, get neck pain, are easily irritated and sleep badly.