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Mistakes when learning vocabulary

    Opening a book, reading through the vocabulary until something gets stuck and hoping that it will be enough for the exam the next day – these are the mistakes you should avoid when learning vocabulary. Because even if it is annoying:
    should always be geared towards the long term. Bulimic learning is a frequently used method when it comes to learning vocabulary. But since you don’t need the vocabulary in the first place, you should orient the memorization in such a way that you don’t forget it immediately. This will also make it easier for you to repeat the words. Because even if it sounds more time-consuming at first: With the right learning method, you will save time and nerves in the end and can permanently improve your German.

    Which mistakes you should avoid:

    • learning indiscriminately by heart
    • trying to hammer everything into your head the night before work
    • learning without time management
    • learning by heart in a rush
    • learning vocabulary without a system

    Sometimes it is also due to your concentration that you have problems learning vocabulary.