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Misconception of the different functions of the two hemispheres of the brain

    Due to the misconception or overinterpretation of the different functions of the two hemispheres of the brain, you can always find “tips” on the Internet on how to train the right hemisphere of the brain. There it is said: The right brain hemisphere is the non-verbal one. It is responsible for the control on an emotional level and controls the left half of the body. It becomes active when you spend time creatively or when you relax. Its task is also to read the body language and emotions of other living beings. The left hemisphere, on the other hand, is responsible for rational processes.”

    And then you get specific advice on how to train that right brain:

    • You are more attentive and focused when your brain hemispheres work together. If you have to cope with a difficult and demanding task, your right brain is more easily distracted. It sets off in search of more creative activities.
    • For increased concentration, it can be useful to exercise the right hemisphere of your brain. This increases the likelihood that both hemispheres of the brain will work better together in the future to attentively complete a task.
    • Get creative to increase the right brain’s attention span. Learn an instrument, draw a picture, listen to music, sing by yourself, or make up a story.
    • To engage your right brain in future learning or difficult tasks, add variety to the way you perform the work. Use a variety of media for research purposes. Access a podcast or video.
    • Be creative with your notes or presentations and express yourself creatively. Design a pretty layout or color your headings. This actively engages the right side of the brain in the work process.