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Making connections

    To learn successfully, it helps if you understand how your brain works.

    You can think of it like this: For example, when you learn a mathematical formula just by looking at it, it gets put into a drawer somewhere in your head. But this drawer is in a huge room full of cupboards with countless drawers. If your maths teacher now asks you for the formula, your brain has to search for it in all these drawers and often it doesn’t find it at all. How could it, with so many drawers?

    But you have the opportunity to label the drawer by using all your senses when learning. If you learn the same formula by copying it a few times, saying it out loud and colouring it in, then the drawer with the formula in your head will have a label that says “maths formula”. Now when your teacher asks you about it, your brain can quickly find the one with the label “maths formula” among all the drawers.