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Loci Method

    The loci method is a well-known technique that can help you memorize things. Especially for remembering sequences, this technique is great. It ties in with your spatial memory. You imagine places in your mind’s eye and associate them with the content you want to learn. Because you then always follow this path in your mind in the same order, the method is also called the route method. You should use the following steps in the method:

    • Establish a route and specific waypoints. The route should be a path that is very familiar to you. For example, your room, your apartment, your home, or your body. The route should also be clear and meaningful.
    • Place the learning content at the designated waypoints.
    • Now go over the route again and again in your head to consolidate what you have learned.

    Let’s take a shopping list as an example. You want to buy the following things: Bread, milk, apples and pasta.

    • Choose the kitchen as the route. As waypoints you take the oven, the refrigerator, the shelf and the pantry.
    • Now place the learning content at the waypoints:
      In the oven you bake fresh bread.
      In the refrigerator you store fresh milk.
      Last week, apples rolled off the shelf.
      Pasta you should always have in stock.
    • Now you go through the route a few times in your head. Then, when you’re in the supermarket, you do the exact same thing and you can remember the things that are on your shopping list.