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Let your child create worksheets

    A very good way to review material is to write a worksheet or sample class assignment for your child. Formulate questions or assignments and have your child solve them. This will not only review the subject matter, but also create a situation similar to the classwork. And the more often your child experiences this situation, the less he or she will be irritated by the exam situation. It is not only the content that is tested, but also the situation: a sheet of paper with tasks, a quiet room and a limited time frame.

    An increase of this method is, if not you for your child, but your child for you provides a worksheet! In this way, your child reflects on which topic points are particularly important, what questions could be asked in the class work, and in what way a subject could be queried. Your child changes the perspective and is now allowed to assign grades himself! The worksheet also tells you whether your child has understood everything. When you answer the worksheet, you can also intentionally include mistakes. Does the child find all the mistakes?