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Learning while you sleep – The “Lazy Learn” App

    Ralph Ohler from Vorchdorf has developed the app “Lazy Learn”, which is supposed to help learning content while asleep. He promises pupils and students that the learning material is easily acquired while they sleep. He developed the app in cooperation with the Hagenberg University of Applied Sciences, and the idea came to him during his own school days, when he had recorded his learning material on audio cassettes and played them at night to help him remember the content. To enable him to fall asleep undisturbed, he set a timer and listened to the learning content only while he slept, with his tactics working according to his own account. The scientific basis for the app was provided by a study conducted by the University of Bern, which proved that the brain is capable of learning and memorizing during certain sleep phases. The app automatically plays the pre-recorded learning material during certain sleep phases, with the app blasting the learners with the recorded content for ten minutes five times a night, which is supposed to be enough to consolidate the material.

    This app is available now for free for iOS and Android operating systems, as Ohler sees his Lazy Learn project as a contribution to free learning that is available to everyone.