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Learning used to be different

    A young person should be able to deepen, lose and develop himself on the basis of a subject. There used to be time and space for leisure, for student activities, new hobbies and for love affairs. Today, studying and going to school is like dressage, with one exam chasing the next. Many students have a 70-hour study week, and it doesn’t look much better for high school students.

    But learners can save a good half of the effort, because all they have to do is learn to focus better and keep their motivation and self-discipline high. The key is effective learning techniques, because someone who knows how to use their brain more effectively recovers their time. Therefore, one should not let their vigor be eaten away by exam anxiety and self-doubt.

    On our pages you can learn how to properly prepare for exams and how to save even more time by using the right study techniques!