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Learning tip: Be your own teacher

    Learning tip: Be your own teacherEnough of paperwork like lecture notes or textbooks. You can also learn without even sitting down in front of your written documents. Simply make an audio recording of your notes, using a mobile phone and a simple recording app. You can then have all your notes read out to you.

    During the recording, you simply talk to yourself, describing the mind maps you have drawn, for example. You can also take a break at any time during the recording and collect yourself briefly. Don’t worry if you are not a born speaker, this recording is only for yourself, even if you sometimes feel stupid.

    You can then listen to this recording again and again, for example while showering, cooking or on the way to school in the morning before an exam. With this method, you are your own trainer and teacher. You learn twice with this method: because you read out the text from your notes again and formulate it, and because you can listen to this material so often until it has really reached your brain.

    If you systematically collect and organise such recordings, you can then fall back on this ready-made material for larger final exams!