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Learning tip: ABC list

    An ABC list is an alphabetical list, which was developed by Vera F. Birkenbihl, with which one is stimulated on the basis of superordinate categories the associative thinking and a quantity of information in the own knowledge memory can be activated. An ABC list is thus an alphabetical list, which can be assigned to the associative learning technique.

    • You take an “empty ABC” or put on one, by writing at the edge perpendicularly all 26 letters of the ABC. Before dealing with a topic, you can use the list to see how much knowledge on a topic is already available.
    • The ABC list can also be used for review. After class, a lecture or presentation, or after reading a text, you can collect the key words in the list.
    • You can use the list during class or a presentation to take notes.
    • You can use an ABC list as a basis for brainstorming, e.g. for developing a presentation.

    Important: You can also assign several terms to one letter.