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Learning strategies in speech form

    If you can memorize learning material better by pronouncing it, you will do better with the learning strategies in speech form.

    Songs: If you can easily remember song lyrics, it is useful to make up a song from terms that need to be learned.
    Mnemonic devices: Mnemonic devices and rhymes are also useful, for example, to help learn years.
    Asking questions: Talking about a topic with friends or relatives helps to reinforce it. If no one has time at the moment, you can also place yourself in front of a mirror and talk through the topic aloud or “bother” a stuffed animal with it.
    Listening: Some people find it easier to learn if they can hear the content and not see it, as is the case with reading. If this is the case, you can record yourself an audio book by using the content to be learned via the dictation function of your cell phone and then listening to this content regularly, for example on the way to the bus, while doing the dishes or before going to sleep.