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Learning languages: Getting sprinkled in

    Most of us have spent years trying to learn one or even several foreign languages during our school years. However, during the first contacts with foreigners from the language area in question, there was often disillusionment about the actual learning success.

    If you want to refresh your language skills or learn a new language now, there are other ways – as an alternative or as a supplement to conventional learning – for example: Let yourself be sprinkled!

    Do not expect to be able to speak the foreign language very quickly; save yourself a lot of work and time, especially at the beginning; be content for the time being with only hearing individual phrases and words and only then gradually understanding them!

    At the beginning we process a language anyway only passively. It is always only in the second step that we are able to use parts of the language actively: to speak and to write.

    Especially in the beginning, enjoy the ease of just hearing something as complex as a language many, many times at first! This is how we learned our mother tongue, this is how we experience it with children.

    Use the language programs that are now available at very reasonable prices to have a larger volume of foreign-language texts, for example the span of about ten lessons each, recited to you over and over again by native speakers from the language area in question, for example while ironing, driving a car, dozing on the couch, etc. It is not necessary to listen consciously! Just let yourself be entertained!

    Only some time later you look at the printed texts. You will find that these texts are already familiar to you, that you nevertheless read them with great curiosity and that it is now much easier for you to understand them and also to repeat them!